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Reliable Solutions & Sustainability, RS2 makes the difference in your Industry

What We Offer

We provide an industrial automation software application solution for variety of industries to automate their factory and the business. It offers all the functionality, required to maintain security and traceability, using SCADA and HMI methodology solutions, for many industries such as Manufacturing, Packaging, Food and beverage, Water and wastewater, Power Management, and Building Automation.

Further, RS2 Building & Industrial Automation’s Architects, provides Modern Architectural building designs, Consultancy, Project Management, and Draftsmen’s work. Our knowledge can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one.

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SCADA/HMI Solution Services

InduSoft Web Studio is a truly unique development and runtime software that incorporates all the tools users need to create SCADA, HMI, IoT and OEE application solution dashboards. The RS2 Building & Industrial Automation (Pvt) Ltd., is the Indusoft-USA appointed sole Distributer for Sri Lanka. We provide you the knowledge with 24x7 support from Indusoft-USA to automate your industry.

ICT Solution Services

Knowledge lead projects!! RS2 clients are always protected and guided through our high skill professionals. We've taken our collective experience to create our own methodologies to keep your project on track and under budget.

» Corporate ICT Automation
» Infarstructure Planning
» Business Process Re-engineering
» Web Site/Application Development
» IT Project Management
» Business Plan Writing
» Consultancy Services

Industrial Equipment Sales

RS2’s Equipment Sales have partnered with world’s leading industrial equipment brands and their products to provide you reliable and sustainable solutions without risking your business.

» PLCs
» Motion Control Solutions
» Variable Frequency Drives VFDs
» Power Meters & Controllers
» Flood Detecting & Control Systems
» CO Sensor & Controllers